Not one airline owns the New York City market.  In a market that is filled with high value customers that aren’t loyal to one particular airline,  how do you attract attention and engagement in a busy, VIP lounge environment while reinforcing the new Delta Air Lines digital brand? This was the problem we solved with the experience we created for Touch the Future of Travel.


Consumers care more about experiences at destinations than the way they get there. 


By leveraging Delta’s 8 year partnership with Madison Square Garden, Razorfish was able to create Touch the Future of Travel a unique, personalized and easy way for high value customers to discover new destinations with curated content from around the globe. Razorfish brings the Touch the Future of Travel experience alive inside the Delta Sky360 Club, an 11,000 square foot lounge for VIPs inside of Madison Square Garden’s new renovation effort.  Through this experience, Razorfish showcases Delta as an innovator while communicating aspects of products and services in an appealing way.

Utilizing our 5D Platform, we developed a fixture that integrates into the Sky Club 360 at Madison Square Garden. Featuring two massive multi-touch panels with lush, beautiful imagery from around the world and a personalized mobile website to take with you. The simple interaction feels personalized and easy, using tiles with emotive phrases to capture your travel 'mood'.  

Each time a new phrase is added by a user, more recommendations appear. Destinations are then served up on a beautifully styled 3D globe for exploration, with touch being the key driver to transport the audience into a new state of mind.   The world becomes a playground of photos and phrases connecting the user with a host of destinations and recommendations. In each destination the user will find intriguing facts, quotes, photos and video.  When the user is done exploring – they just tap the save feature and scan a QR code and all of the destinations that were visited are delivered to a smart phone for reminiscing or booking. It can then be shared with friends on FB, Twitter or Foursquare.

Delta’s Touch the Future of Travel is about inspiring destinations and creating a lasting memory with the branded experience. Through social sharing and mobile extensions, we made sure that not only did we stay top-of-mind, but also in-pocket for easy booking. 


Inspiration is a hard thing to achieve and it’s something everyone wants to deliver. By creating an experience that reaches out to pull you in and rewards you richly for the time you spend with it, we’ve created something that far exceeds how anyone else is currently inspiring their travelers in digital. 

  • 7000 unique interactions during the first month of launch
  • Over 1/3 of those that visited the Delta Sky360 Club spent time interacting with the experience


*Additional iterations of the experience were installed in LaGuardia Airport a few months after the Delta SkyClub360 was launched.