It’s what you do with what we do.


AT&T stores sold countless mobile products, but not a mobile lifestyle. As a result, the power of AT&T’s ecosystem was not being fully leveraged at the cash register.


AT&T’s first flagship store: an interactive, humanistic retail destination that showcases the power and possibility of AT&T’s products and services. Highlights include the first fully NFC-enabled retail environment in the U.S., a 20-foot gesture-enabled (Microsoft Kinect) multiplayer experience wall, a cross-platform mobile in-store companion experience, and over 150 synchronized digital displays.

AT&T is about delivering innovation that makes a difference in our customers’ daily lives. All of that will be ready for customers to experience at our flagship store.
— Paul Roth, President of AT&T Retail Sales and Service

The AT&T Flagship Store at Michigan Avenue is a one-of-a-kind digital retail experience that encourages discovery and exploration for AT&T customers.

Designed with both imagination and purpose, each experience and every piece of digital signage in the Flagship Store seeks to reinforce the ways AT&T technology impacts and improves the everyday – opening customers' eyes to all the possibilities of what they can do with what we do.

When customers walk back out onto Michigan Avenue, they should feel surprised, delighted, empowered and impassioned by the experience they’ve just had.


  • 3x increase in foot traffic
  • 150% increase in dwell time
  • 300% increase in AOV


  • 1st Place Service Retail - Retail Design Institute