Connected Platforms & IOT Enable Incredible “If This, Then That” Moments

As networks and technologies advance, real-time experiences leveraging big data will continue to connect drivers with their surroundings. For example, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Automotive Solutions offer a range of connectivity solutions: Vehicles-to-Vehicles (V2V), Vehicles-to-Infrastructure (V2I) , Vehicles-to-Pedestrian (V2P) and, of course Vehicles-to-Cloud (V2C) communications. From BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to NFC, RFID and more, the integration of connective technologies across devices, objects and environments enriches the connected driving experience. As a result, expect to see huge improvements in areas such as personalization and even safety, in ways that could make the all-too-familiar auto accident a thing of the past.

When vehicle data moves from primary to secondary use, its value is extended over time. Cars are laden with chips, sensors and software that upload performance data to the computers when the vehicle is serviced. Secondary uses of this data will give competitive advantages to those in adjacent sectors to broaden their own value propositions. And the best practices and lessons learned from how auto marketers leverage consumption data will be instructive for all marketers.