The future of retail has arrived

Online shopping experiences are forcing retailers to reinvent themselves to drive personalized and meaningful customer experiences both inside and outside of their physical stores. But along with the challenge of reinvention, digital also brings retailers a new opportunity to zero-in on the needs of their customers and deliver value like never before.

This connected retail experience is powered by Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Experience
Manager Screens, as well as Adobe Campaign and the agency’s proprietary BLE Experience Platform. Through the pairing of a BLE-powered customer loyalty application and a connected ecosystem of marketing, live data, commerce and analytics, retailers can now connect the associate, customer and store to drive revenue, better experiences and gain market share.

Razorshop is our expression of retail as it should be. Not what it could be in the future, but what it should be now.
— Wade Forst, Emerging Experiences, Razorfish

Razorshop demonstrates how bringing real-time collection of customer data within the retail environment drives customer engagement, assists associates with sales while increasing check averages, and reduces physical marketing costs.