Where will VR take you next?

The Virtual Reality Playbook, the latest in our series of perspectives around some of today's latest technologies, describes the intrinsic and market value of VR in today’s connected economy. These thoughts are based on years of in-depth research and collaboration within Publicis.Sapient and our partners on emerging technologies.

Here are some highlights of the playbook:

VR will be a trillion-dollar industry

Connected devices, and platforms that merge digital and physical worlds, will add trillions of dollars in new value to the connected economy. This year alone, worldwide spending on augmented and virtual reality is expected double.

With the launch of high-profile VR hardware and distribution platforms, virtual reality is now a tangible reality for marketing leaders.
— Gartner

It isn't all fun and games

Virtual reality is more than just a tool for marketing and entertainment and its reach touches every industry (it might even be the ultimate empathy machine).

The advantage is in our DNA

The SapientRazorfish team—and Publicis.Sapient agencies across the globe—have the right mix of creativity, communication skills and tech experience to produce uniquely emotional VR experiences.

  • Our track record: For decades our clients have appreciated our creativity, which has led to boatloads of awards.

  • Our global experience: International clients especially appreciate our global reach and knowledge of other cultures.

  • Our global network: CIOs and CTOs come back to us time and again because of our unique ability to leverage the skills and processes needed to enable large scale VR production.

Download the Virtual Reality Playbook today (14MB PDF)

Luke Hamilton (@lhamilton) is VP of Creative and co-founder of the SapientRazorfish Emerging Experiences group.