chat·bot / noun: A computer program that a person interacts with via text or voice using natural language or behavior.

We are excited to announce the release of the SapientRazorfish Emerging Experiences Bot Toolkit. This document contains a deep-dive into the topic of Natural Language Interfaces and thought leadership around when and how to utilize Bots.

Much like the fundamental shift in human-computer interaction that took place with the rise of multi-touch interaction, Natural Language Interfaces (NLI) represent a revolution in how humans will interface with not only traditional computation form factors (PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile) but also a new generation of digital and physical experiences where current mouse- or touch-based user interfaces do not translate well. One goal of NLI is to future-proof human machine interaction for a time when the current screen-paradigm is no longer prevalent.

   Source: WarGames, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Source: WarGames, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

By 2030, immersive interfaces will have replaced all other user experience paradigms in 80% of use cases that require human-to-machine interactions.
— Gartner (2015)

In a world where digital and physical environments blend into platforms where brands and consumers meet and stories are shared, seamless interaction is key to develop lasting relationships. In this environment, consumers shifted from using social media to messaging platforms as messengers evolved from single-purpose apps (type and send) to multi-functional platforms (share & consume) with support for third-party integration. Thus messaging platforms offer great potential to reach customers in a new and exciting ways, extending or potentially supplanting apps for some companies, as well as driving automated, intelligent and personalized commerce.

Having been at the forefront of creating engaging customer experiences in the physical world for the past nine years, our talented team of designers, developers and dreamers are excited to explore this new frontier.

We invite you to explore our Bot Toolkit and expect more from our team in the coming weeks. Have questions or ideas? Please feel free to reach out to us.


Project Leads: Dirk Songuer and Felix Heimbrecht. Contributors: Miika Puputti, Tobias Schirmer and Aaron Wells.

Dirk Songuer (@DirkSonguer) is Head of Technology for Razorfish Germany, based out of our Frankfurt office.