Politics and Privacy in a Connected World

As fast as humans can innovate, we so often have to intervene on the ethics of emerging media, experiences and the sharing of data. The connected world brings equal risk as it does reward and the policies and laws around privacy, security and ethics are often written in real-time.

From the calculated autonomous car deaths coded within artificial intelligence to the privacy and safety surrounding recent augmented reality experiences, today’s always-on lifestyle and device obsession is leading our society down paths that are unchartered, exciting and equally terrifying.

Join Emerging Experiences Creative Director Eric Grant alongside experts in law, politics and technology to exploring the fine lines of privacy, ethics and immorality in our rapidly progressing world.

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A Disruptive Voice - Natural Language Processing and The Post-Screen World

From Xbox to Siri, Alexa to Google, the power of one’s voice has always been promising, but until recently it has often been more humorous than helpful. A surprising notion since it has been the instrument of choice for delivering centuries of information across generations and borders.

With the current speed of networks, cloud infrastructures and the fast adoption and evolution of artificial intelligence, our voices are unleashing moments that our eyes and fingers can not simply keep up with. 

Join Emerging Experiences Technology Director Chuck Fletcher and a panel of NLP experts on how the future of voice will guide us into a “heads-up” world where screens are no longer the primary focus for delivering contextual content.

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Physical Interfaces for Digital Creatives

Ideas are great even though the difference between hacking a prototype together and a finalised product can be miles apart. Too often tech is seen as a barrier to creativity, and during this session we'll look at examples of 'codeless' development so everyone can get their hands dirty.

Join Razorfish Lead Creative Technologist Martin Hollywood as he works with Arduinos to create physical products that react to capacitive touch, take photos, tweet and post to blogs using IFTTT & Temboo. 

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