This cross-platform game uses HoloLens and Kinect to deliver a unique multi-user experience.

A few years back, our team created a Kinect soccer game that vends drinks based on your performance. It was a great way for us to experiment with Kinect and immersive, connected experiences. A few years later, and armed with new technology, we're creating a new experience called SoccAR. This multiplayer HoloLens soccer experience puts you in the shoes of a goalie, guarding balls being flicked at you from your opponent's tablet.

How did we do it?

  • The goalie's moves are tracked with Kinect, so every kick is blocked with the accuracy of skeletal tracking.
  • Data is streamed over Wi-Fi to the HoloLens to avoid tangled cables.
  • We leveraged Unity's multiplayer framework to sync the game state between the players.
  • We calibrated world anchors to align the coordinate spaces between the HoloLens and the Kinect.

The HoloLens is an incredible piece of hardware packed full of sensors. By augmenting HoloLens with Kinect, we're able to enhance interactions within a mixed reality environment, and skeletal tracking provides this interaction by establishing relationships between limbs and joints. Finally, and maybe most importantly, SoccAR offers a unique experience without requiring everyone to have the same hardware.

Ed Kahler is a Senior Software Engineer with the Razorfish Emerging Experiences team, based in our San Francisco office.

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