Initial reviews are in!

Our team has been testing (and playing with) our HoloLenses since Thursday's delivery and we thought we'd share our first impressions. We'll be incorporating these observations (and more) into the Razorfish Emerging Experiences HoloLens ToolKit v2.0. 

If you've gotten your hands on a HoloLens, please comment with your impressions. In the meantime, here's what the team thinks so far.

Wells Caughey
Technology Director

"The Hololens does a phenomenal job tracking objects in the real world."

  • The projected holograms look amazingly real in the sense that they are extremely stable relative to the real world;
  • The field of view generally is not a problem but it is sometimes noticeable for larger objects;
  • Deploying and developing on to the Hololens is even easier that deploying to the Hololens emulator;
  • The "Robo Raid" game really shows off Hololens' potential by integrating the holographic story into your physical environment.

Steve Dawson
Global VP of Technology

"With HoloLens, Microsoft has successfully produced a device which demonstrates the promise of mixed reality and it's ability to deliver magical experiences."

  • The waveguide-based display technology produces “holographic” objects which are bright and brilliant even in well-lit environments;
  • The sensor array, which gives this device the ability to see the world, our gestures, and listen to our commands, represents an incredible achievement in the field of natural user interface technology;
  • Digital objects and content “pinned” to the physical world around us is a powerful concept once you begin to experience this capability through HoloLens;
  • The opportunity for mixed reality to be a disruptive force in the electronics industry is immediately apparent, however further refinement of the technology will be necessary for the HoloLens to become a consumer-ready device;
  • The device is quite large yet comfortable given the size—expect form-factors to decrease substantially with future iterations.

Chuck Fletcher
Technology Director

"It's really Impressive hardware and software for a developer release."

  • It still takes a little bit of training and experience to get comfortable with it;
  • The bloom gesture is a simple way to get the main menu or get out of an app;
  • I'm excited to start developing for it;
  • It travels well!

Eric Grant
Creative Director

"It's a gorgeous piece of technology."

  • Really love how the hardware looks and feels—both in my hands and on my head;
  • Interacting with Galaxy Explorer made me feel like a kid again. I see tremendous educational potential for HoloLens;
  • The limited field of vision doesn't feel natural, but sure to change in the future;
  • I'm looking forward to digging in and seeing how traditional interaction methods will change as a result of it;
  • Works well with glasses ... thankfully!

Luke Hamilton
Global VP of Creative

"The HoloLens team took great care in making sure the first experience with the device was smooth setup the minute you opened the box."

  • Massive improvements over the preview experiences just a year ago;
  • The mapping and tracking of objects in physical space is working better than expected;
  • While there are only a few gestures available at the moment, there is so much potential for future iterations;
  • The natural language integration is flawless and many people found it more comfortable to use, but everyone couldn’t help but try to reach out and touch the holographics.

Kat McCluskey
Senior Art Director

"Where others have failed, HoloLens definitely delivers."

  • The device has improved dramatically since the early demos;
  • It will be a great tool to use when designing experiences that blend digital and physical—we can test in real-time;
  • I'm already thinking about how to change the way I design;
  • I didn't feel any fatigue after wearing it for long periods of time;

Nate Turley
Senior Software Engineer

"The HoloLens is much better than the demos I saw earlier in the year."

  • Surprised and delighted by the space apps can consume—RoboRaid in small contained space on first demo vs taking up the whole Studio (~40 ft wide);
  • Took some time to get up-to-speed on various interactions—air tap was limited and how to use voice commands wasn't clear;
  • The 2D apps are very easy to use—you could make them look/feel like you were watching on a big projector screen even with limited field of vision;
  • Fragments is very cool and engaging, but field of vision limits the cinematic experience.

Luke Hamilton (@lhamilton) is VP, Creative for the Razorfish Emerging Experiences team, based out of our Atlanta office.