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The Razorfish Emerging Experiences team is a group of dreamers, designers and developers and the world around us is the inspiration for all the groundbreaking experiences we create. Here's a sampling of the things we've been looking at this week (Check out the complete feed on our Buzz wall).

Here's the Buzz for the week ending April 29, 2016.

FROM THE BLOG / Unboxed! The Microsoft HoloLens Is Here.
The wait is over! This week our team received our HoloLenses and we didn't waste any time tearing open the boxes and trying them on. 

New York's MOMA to open its first immersive VR exhibit
From UploadVR: Virtual reality is blazing an exciting new trail through the art world. It was announced recently that New  York City’s world renowned Museum of Modern Art (known colloquially as MOMA) will be featuring the innovative technology in a new exhibit for its film and cinema wing. This showing will mark both VR’s first appearance inside the walls of MOMA, and a major moment of recognition for this emerging industry as a whole.

Google, Uber, Lyft join automakers in self-driving car lobby
From TechCrunch: Google, Uber and Lyft have joined forces with automakers Volvo and Ford, creating a coalition to influence lawmakers, regulators and the public, Automotive News reported on Tuesday.

Is your monitor a 55" transparent touchscreen?
From Twitter: A few of us spent the week in our Atlanta studio designing an experience that uses a 55" transparent touchscreen.

More from the unboxing
From Instagram: They're here! #HoloLens #geekporn