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The Razorfish Emerging Experiences team is a group of dreamers, designers and developers and the world around us is the inspiration for all the groundbreaking experiences we create. Here's a sampling of the things we've been looking at this week (Check out the complete feed on our Buzz wall).

Here's the Buzz for the week ending April 22, 2016.

FROM THE BLOG / The Economics of IoT
Dirk Songuer talks about why the high-tech of today is cheaper than the low-tech of yesterday. 

FROM THE BLOG / This Post Was Written By A Bot
Machine learning could be the the next-gen set of tools for creatives. In this post, Nate Turley tells us why and shares insights from his trip to the Resonate 2016 conference in Belgrade.

FROM THE BLOG / An Inspiring Merger of Code and Art
At Resonate 2016 it’s is hard not to be inspired by the creative work that is presented. It is a merger of code and art and a place where the focus is on the experiences and not the technology. Alan Shimode shares his favorite experiences from this year's conference.

FROM THE BLOG / Speaking to AR, VR & the Internet of Things
Kat McCluskey had the opportunity to speak to the Atlanta chapter of Women in Research about AR, VR and the Internet of Things. Read about what will be one of many talks from Kat and our team.

Fireflies could help make OLEDs significantly more efficient
From IEEE Spectrum: Biomimetic engineer Ki-Hun Jeong and his colleagues at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) focused their attention on microscopic structures on the firefly lantern. The structures resemble scales, and the scales are covered in nanoscale grooves. The researchers fabricated replicas of these natural photonic structures from silicone rubber and then covered OLEDs with them. “Our biologically inspired OLEDs have a very similar configuration with the firefly lantern,” Jeong says. (Image: Takashi Ota)

This smart mattress tells you if your partner is cheating
From Mashable: Sleep tracking is nothing new, but one company wants to track when your mattress is being used, especially if you're not home. A Spanish-based mattress company Durmet is touting its new Smarttress mattress with what it calls a Lover Detection System, which sends alerts to your smartphone if a partner may be cheating.

New 3-D Printing Technique Makes Ceramic Parts
From MIT Technology Review: Ceramics are some of the hardest materials on Earth. They can withstand extreme temperatures, and some are impervious to friction, scratching, and other mechanical stresses that wear out metal and plastic. But it can be difficult to make complex shapes out of the materials.Chemists at HRL Laboratories in Malibu, California, may have gotten around that problem by developing ceramics that can be made in a 3-D printer. The result: ultrastrong objects that are impossible to make using conventional methods.