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The Razorfish Emerging Experiences team is a group of dreamers, designers and developers and the world around us is the inspiration for all the groundbreaking experiences we create. Here's a sampling of the things we've been looking at this week (Check out the complete feed on our Buzz wall).

This week's header image comes from Kat McCluskey, our team's Senior Art Director.

Here's the Buzz for the week ending April 15, 2016.

Facebook brings bots to Messenger in bid to redefine retail customer service
From Retail Dive: Jason Goldberg, who leads commerce and content strategy at interactive digital agency Razorfish (and who also blogs as “Retailgeek”), agrees that bots will transform the retail user experience. “All these brands have written apps and no one uses those apps,” Goldberg told Retail Dive. “The bots don’t require any installation, so a lot of people, myself included, feel the bot is the new app. And unlike the apps, the bots all run on these open platforms.” (Image: Engadget)

Facebook’s bots are already revolting
From Ars Technica: Facebook has become a social network for cyborgs. It happened yesterday at Facebook developer conference F8. While everyone was busy eye-rolling over Mark Zuckerberg's keynote about saving the world, the company launched a bot revolution. Ironically (or not), these bots will eventually replace tech workers in the exact emerging markets that Zuck vowed to rescue with his largesse. (Image: Ars Technica)

Fashion brands embrace bots as modern concierges
From Digiday: High-end fashion brands are turning to Facebook Messenger as their modern concierges. At Facebook’s F8 developer conference on Tuesday, the company announced the launch of its chatbot tool, opening it up to brands and companies to use artificial intelligence to connect with customers. Mobile fashion marketplace Spring’s live messaging and personal shopping service, Spring Bot, was demonstrated on stage as an example of how brands and retailers can use the platform to help facilitate online and mobile purchases and answer customer questions. (Image: Digiday)

Two Questions Every City Must Ask In The Age Of Autonomous Taxis
From Fast Company: The taxibots are coming. GM and Lyft are using different words to describe them, saying that they’ll partner to make an "integrated network of on-demand autonomous vehicles part of people’s daily lives." But that’s just the long way of saying "Johnny Cabs." (Image: Eric Grant)

Shopify acquires Kit, the artificially intelligent marketing bot
From VentureBeat: We’re standing on the edge of the chatbot revolution, and I’m reminded of how I felt when those first apps hit the store in 2007. Only this time, the apps talk back. (Image: VentureBeat)