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With last week's release of the Microsoft HoloLens holographic computing device, we are excited to announce the release of the SapientRazorfish Emerging Experiences HoloLens Toolkit. This document contains a background on augmented reality, a deep-dive into the HoloLens platform, and thought leadership around how to design and develop next-gen experiences for the HoloLens.

In a connected world, as things get smarter, life gets simpler.

Much like the fundamental shift in human-computer interaction that took place with the rise of multi-touch interaction, Microsoft HoloLens and the other emerging augmented reality platforms represent a revolution in how humans will interface with digital and physical experiences. These devices can see the world around us, listen to our commands, and naturally respond with contextual, magical experiences that seamlessly blend with the world around us. Powered by advancements in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, these devices have the ability to imbue us with super-human abilities and experience the physical world in new and exciting ways – whether its in your home, work, school, retail, exhibits or entertainment venues.

Things that connect to other things, merging offline and online experiences into one, are poised to add trillions of dollars in new business value to the connected economy.

Having been at the forefront of creating engaging customer experiences in the physical world for the past 9 years, our talented team of designers, developers and dreamers are excited to explore this new frontier.

We invite you to explore our HoloLens Toolkit and expect more from our team in the coming weeks. Have questions or ideas? Please feel free to reach out to us.


A big thanks to all those at SapientRazorfish and our Emerging Experiences team for their contributions to this project. Project Leads: Steve Dawson and Luke Hamilton. Contributors: Sarah Campbell, Wells Caughey, Chuck Fletcher, Wade Forst, Richard Fouts, Eric Grant, and Kat McCluskey.

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