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The Razorfish Emerging Experiences team is a group of dreamers, designers and developers and the world around us is the inspiration for all the groundbreaking experiences we create. Here's a sampling of the things we've been looking at this week (Check out the complete feed on our Buzz wall).

Here's the Buzz for the week ending March 25, 2016.

Alexa, Why Now?
We love playing with new things and this week, Technology Director Chuck Fletcher writes about his newest love: Alexa. (Image credit:

Autonomous Cars and Urban Planning
A recent MIT concept that eliminates the need for traffic signals motivated Creative Director Eric Grant to ask the question: As changes in technology change the way cars are made, how will these changes affect how cities are designed? (Image credit: MIT Senseable City Lab)

  Sergey Soldatov/

The Day A Computer Writes A Novel
From Digital Trends: While many people in the world are worrying that robots will take over human jobs once artificial intelligence (AI) is fully developed, it’s a safe bet that no one put “author” at the top of the robot job list. Yet, now that a Japanese AI program has co-authored a short-form novel that passed the first round of screening for a national literary prize, it seems that no occupation is safe. The robot-written novel didn’t win the competition’s final prize, but who’s to say it won’t improve in its next attempt? (Image credit: Sergey Soldatov/

Print braces. Save money. Don't do.
From The Daily Dot: What Dudley was able to achieve shouldn't be held up for amateurs as an example of what they can do with a little ingenuity; he still had the technical understanding of process, just from the perspective of a designer rather than an orthodontist. Attempting to replicate his success without knowhow in either could be disastrous. (Image source: Amos Dudley)

HoloLens could revolutionize the auto industry
From The Atlantic: In the dealership of the future, there may be three cars, or four, or none: Digital showrooms are already popping up around the world, with life-sized interactive displays that allow prospective customers to configure and “test-drive” every model, coming soon in virtual reality. (Image source: The Atlantic)

Check out the complete feed on our Buzz wall.

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