At Adobe Summit on March 12 in Salt Lake City, Razorfish and Adobe demonstrated a physical storefront experience that seamlessly connects the customer journey across all touch points and empowers retailers to sell more intelligently. During the Summit’s highest attended Supper Session, Jason Goldberg, GVP Commerce Strategy at Razorfish, Michael Klein, Director, Industry Strategy and Marketing at Adobe demonstrated the seamless connected experience that Razorshop embodies. This strategic approach between Razorfish’s Commerce and our Emerging Experience practice delivers a solution that is both implementable and transformational.

The experience was empowered by our proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy Experience Platform (BLEEP) and leveraged Adobe’s new Experience Manager Screens product which was launched during the event. This product new completes the 360 degree approach to AEM and will allow personalized content to span across all moments of consideration to purchase. This blend of proprietary approaches and tools finally brings the level of personalization and context out of the browser and into the physical world, truly enabling a seamless experience from browser to bricks. 

"This physical storefront experience provides a real-life example of what's possible for today's retailers when they deploy a 360 degree approach to commerce, an approach that is deeply focused on a customer's unique wants and desires along the purchasing journey."
- Jim Sink, VP of global agency partnerships at Adobe

With Adobe’s approach to innovation and Razorfish’s successful transformation around the retail and commerce marketplaces, Razorshop will surely be making some waves and hopefully changing the future retail experience in the very near future.