At a recent 3D Vision & Kinect Hacking Meetup in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to learn about a particularly exciting advancement in orientation sensor technology. A demonstration by Michael Kosic of XYZ Interactive focused on low cost 3D positioning sensors that not only detect the x, y and z position of an object, but also roll, pitch and yaw. What’s particularly exciting about their technology is not what it can do to enable interactive experiences, but how its low cost could make these experiences ubiquitous. With positioning sensors that cost as little as a cup of coffee, you can imagine how their affordability could open the door to a wide array of experiences including interactive signage, in-vehicle controls, gaming and augmented reality applications. Simple yet precise recognition of the position of a hand in 3D space could be used for swipes, pushes and pulls—the kind of navigation we expect in a tablet or track pad. And the roll, pitch and yaw recognition opens the door to completely new, yet easily-adoptable user interfaces. It’s technology we’re already experimenting with in our labs, so stay tuned.