Razorfish Emerging Experiences has opened a new lab in our San Francisco Razorfish office across from Pier 39 and the renowned Fisherman’s Wharf. Equal parts workspace and client demonstration area, the lab is invaluable for our team to design, build and test some of the most engaging and transformational experiences in the marketplace. Leveraging the success of our Atlanta Lab and its evolution over the past 5 years, the San Francisco Lab is our newest digital sandbox.

In two related articles referencing the work in our new Lab, Christopher Heine writes in Adweek that “employing the latest technology at point of sale is nothing new—for years businesses from car rental companies to Nordstrom department stores have unhooked from the wires. But the trend has gone from merely ringing up sales via mobile devices to a deeply immersive in-store experience—fully digitized but crucially featuring that face-to-face element…”

The Lab showcases 360 degree video content across multiple displays and projection surfaces, features emerging technologies such as transparent displays and multi-touch and gesture-based sensors powered by our proprietary Razorfish 5D Platform. Watch an Audi be configured in precise detail through the application that empowers Audi City or sit back and watch as data is visualized through one of our latest projects.

Physical meets digital and the customer’s journey will never be the same. Innovating Tomorrow, Today. For appointments please contact Wade Forst (wade.forst@razorfish.com), our Director of Emerging Experiences in San Francisco.