We got a 3D printer (%#$@%!!!!!) and I think we can all safely say we have been… distracted lately. We’ll be posting our creations, augmentations and general mad-scientist meddlings all week long. Each print becomes more and more successful (like the top I printed above) and we are soaking up all the information we can to make each one better than the last.

Some of the team members have immediately started printing toys for their families (and themselves) while others are already figuring out how to print out the missing links to the Arduino puzzles that have kept them up at night. We all knew the impact these suckers would have on the marketplace, but i can’t impress upon you all just how much more amazing these things are when you are actually behind the dreaming something up one minute and holding it in your hands the next.

Have any requests? Have any tips? Want to come play? Tweet us at @razorfishEE – OK back to printing my Biplane chasis…