In a recent article in Digital Signage Today, Lyle Bunn, accomplished publisher and advisor within the digital signage industry, discusses how visualizing data within branded experiences can add dwell time, better engagement and increase transactions. As one of contributors to the article, it is refreshing to see the speed of innovation within this space and the diversity in executions. 

This growing infatuation around the creation and visualization of data within our always-on world has given technologists, designers and artists an evergreen input to deliver something unique, beautiful and relevant to the audience. In a recent project for the San Francisco Airport, “The Flight Deck”, we leveraged live flight data, and visualized trends and paths for arrivals and departures within a 24 hour window. (Photo below)

The art of data is a necessity to both illustrate trends and to ground the abstract into a tangible and engaging medium. Since 90 percent of the world’s data has been created over the last two years, we are just beginning to understand how to express this new language and medium.
— Wade Forst

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